‘Who Protects Us Against the State Itself?’ Mug




What is the State anyways? It is an institution which is characterized by two attributes: one, that it acquires its revenue through the threat of force, and two, that it is the ultimate judge in any cases of conflict under its territory, including the conflicts that involve the State itself. The State, in short, can get into a conflict with you by demanding that you use your property the way it sees fit, or that you behave and trade the way it wants you to do so, and it can decide that its claim is the justified claim in this conflict. Statists argue the State is there to protect us, yet we are utterly vulnerable against its power of ultimate decision making.

So a powerful means to cast doubts on the virtue and usefulness of State-protection is to ask: but who protects us against the State itself? Our t-shirt helps you sow the seed of this critical question in the minds of those around you and passing by you.

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy

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