‘Decentralize Everything’ Beanie


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The rationale behind political decentralization is simple and straightforward. The argument is no different than the one in favor of decentralizing the production of all the goods and services we consume. In short, decentralization gives way to competition, and competition incentivizes quality of service. In a highly decentralized political landscape, the countless political units will be forced to abstain from tyrannical measures, for their citizens – which constitute the source of their revenue – will immediately flee in search for more liberty. When one has to give up their national identity, their language, the culture they were born and raised in, they will be willing to tolerate a significant degree of statism before they decide to leave. But when migration to a different political unit is no more taxing than migrating to a neighboring city or county, one will be willing to pack and go much easily. Hence decentralization serves as a natural check on the growth of State power. And the higher its degree, the more it limits government.

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