Tyrannicide is the project of a Rothbardian libertarian couple from Hungary.

We originally created our products for our hungarian audience as a means of funding our efforts to kickstart a libertarian movement in Hungary.

A few years ago we decided to do something about the rising statism in our country. So we launched the site Ellenpropaganda and we began to introduce and disseminate the ideas of an unhampered market economy and a society founded on the non-agression principle in this post-communist nation where the spectre of socialism still dominates the ideological landscape. Throughout the years we translated and published an ever-growing collection books and articles from the best minds of classical liberalism and libertarianism: Ludwig von Mises, Murray N. Rothbard, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Henry Hazlitt, Albert Jay Nock and many others.

For us, it has been a labour of love, a hopeful endeavor that those who have the ears to hear will listen and the ideas of liberty will resonate with a few. But at the same time, we were faced with a seemingly insurmountable dilemma: we were radically committed to spreading the ideas of liberty, but we had to make our content freely available to our audience to make sure we can reach as many people as possible. And we knew that if we cannot make our project profitable, we won’t be able to continue and the movement of liberty will be stillborn in our country.

Well, we weren’t about to give it up just yet. The international, english-speaking world has a multitude of libertarian thinkers and institutions working tirelessly to spread these ideas. We knew our contry had nobody, and the overwhelming majority of our fellow hungarians cannot speak english to benefit from their work. We had a responsibility, a mission and a purpose.

So we created a libertarian clothing brand.

In doing so, we realized that streetwear itself could become a means of spreading the ideas of a free society. We knew that sometimes all you need is to sow the mere seed of an idea and in time, it may blossom into a radical commitment to liberty. We knew it because Murray Rothbard himself went through a similar experience. As he recalls his story:

I arrived at the Columbia University book store one afternoon and I see a headline — remember, the atmosphere at the time, it was all Socialists, to a man — and I see this pamphlet with a headline in big, bold, red letters saying, Don’t Buy Bonds; another one saying, Taxation is Robbery.  That was a real shockaroo for me.  I said, by god, it is robbery!  And that was my first education in political theory.

So we have created tees with short, punchy messages such as “A State school will never teach the truth about the State,” “There is no such thing as State-funded; there is only-ever taxpayer-funded,” and of course, the indispensable Taxation is Theft beanie. We knew we want to go international with our brand the moment we got our first sample products, and the success of the initial hungarian launch only enforced our belief that other libertarians would love our products just as much as we do.

We hope you do.